Why choose all natural?

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Why should you choose all natural beef?

The United Stated Department of Agriculture grades beef based on carcass quality standards, proper marbling, and maturity or age of the animal at the time of slaughter. There are seven major categories used by the USDA to classify beef.

1. Prime

2. Choice

3. Select

4. Standard

5. Commercial

6. Utility

7. Cutter

Information pertinent to these different grades can be found in detail at USDA.gov.

When we summarize the USDA system of classification, we conclude that the higher the grade of beef, the better the meat will be. The age of the steer has a direct relation to how soft the marble is, and therefore how tender the beef will be.

At Primetime Provisions, we sell USDA choice and prime beef

These steer have reached the optimal age to produce a tender steak with maximum flavor. Most grocery stores sell select beef, and almost all of our competitors sell utility beef, which according to the USDA is not fit for grilling. These companies enhance food products by pumping the meat with chemicals to achieve minimal taste and tenderness. By combining USDA choice beef and prime beef and the USDA all natural standards, We sell the best, and stand behind it with our one-year guarantee.

Meat just tastes better when it is not raised with hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.* After slaughter, our all natural beef is not pumped full of tenderizers or other chemicals to make it edible, nor is it sprayed with ammonia to sustain its coloration while in a glass display case.** You get real food, and nothing but the food when you shop with us.

*The USDA defines “natural” beef as all meats raised for human consumption without additives and minimally processed.

**The U.S. Department of Agriculture allows any fresh meat to be described as “natural” if it includes no artificial flavoring, coloring, preservative or any other artificial ingredients. Minimally processed products, such as ground meat, also count as “natural.”